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Mindful Money Mag FAQ’s

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I would like to advertise in Mindful Money Mag

Great! We would love to have you. Please contact the A-Team via our contact page for a rate card. We also provide full analytics metrics so you know exactly who is seeing you advertisement and what action they took.

I would like to work at Mindful Money Mag

Please drop us a message via our contact pageWe would love to hear from you.

How do I SUBSCRIBE to Mindful Money?

Download the magazine App and once you have launched the magazine, click on the subscribe button. There are two options:

1) 12 months  for $19.99 – less than $1.00 per issue

2) Monthly for $2.99  will get you over 20% off

Subscribers get access to ALL back issues -always FREE

3) Or, just download a single issue for US $4.99 (check your local pricing).

Don’t forget you can always download the first issue FREE! As well as other designated FREE mags. 

How can I contact Mindful Money Mag?

Simply visit our contact page

I want to contribute to Mindful Money Mag, is this possible?

Absolutely! We are always looking for awesome writers and Fee-only Financial Advisors to profile. Just drop us a message via our contact page and let’s see if we are a good fit together.

The magazine App is crashing, what do I do?

The Mindful Money Mag App has been battle tested and as far we know it is rock solid! However, if you are having any issues, please first check the Apple Guidelines.

See Troubleshooting

I get an error that says “Oops, iPad is struggling”

This usually means you may have too many apps running and too much memory is being used (most common with iPad 1).  All you need to do is fully close the magazine > double click your iPad home button > this brings up all the apps you are running > hold down one of the apps until they start doing a funky dance > see the little red – minus symbols? > press that symbol and close some apps for better performance. Done!

I have subscribed but can still see the yellow subscribe button?

Sometime the iPad doesn’t talk very well with the Apple servers. Fully close the magazine, tap on the home button to ensure you have exited the magazine, and then double tap the home button. All the opened apps will appear at the bottom of the iPad. Press and hold on top of the magazine, the apps will start to shake, tap on the red minus sign to fully close the magazine.

Make sure you are logged in with the same Apple id that subscribed to the magazine. To do this, tap on the Settings app, scroll down and tap on the store app, double check that the same Apple ID is being used. If not, sign out and sign in with the correct Apple ID.

Relaunch the Magazine. Go to the Newsstand App and tap on the magazine to launch it. The splash page will appear and then the magazine home screen will show. The page should be updated and now the yellow subscribe button would have been replaced with a grey Restore button.

Restore all purchases by pressing the restore button if desired to re-download all previously purchased magazine issues.

How does the purchase process work?

You can either subscribe to the magazine or buy single issues. If you subscribe (Auto-Renewal) you will get the latest magazine issue published and will have access to any future issues as long as you remain a subscriber. If you purchase a single issue, you will be able to download that issue immediately after the successful purchase.

How do Special Issues Work?

Special Issues are different in the sense that they are not part of the magazine subscription. They are independent special issues and everyone will need to buy them to read them, including magazine subscribers. Special issues will have a red “Special” sash and will appear below the top section in your mag home screen.

I am not getting the new mags delivered automatically

We love Apple but even they are not perfect. Push Notifications are awesome but sometimes your iPad can drop push notification connection. Weird, but it happens. What you can do is to turn off Wi-Fi, turn on Airplane mode, then reconnect to Wi-Fi. Something else you can try is to connect to another Wi-Fi network for a while and then switch back to yours. Restarting your iPad can also sometimes help.

I am getting a “Cannot connect to iTunes Store” message when clicking on the subscribe button or buy button

Dang it! This can happen in the following situations: You may not have Wi-Fi or internet access, or have “Restrictions ON” to prevent others from making purchases in this iPad. Restrictions are located on the general settings and should be disabled to allow inApp purchases.

I cannot open the magazine app, it just closes immediately when reaching the Splash page

Hmm… sorry about that. This is a bug we have found in version 2.4.1 and is already fixed in the next version 2.7.1. The reason it is happening is that your time clock is set as 12 hour format and possibly using a different language other than English. When you install the app and open it the very first time then this error can occur. To solve it in version 2.4.1 please have your clock set as 24 hour format (you can do this in the General settings, under date & time) and open the magazine. After that, if you want, you can change the clock back to the 12 hour format.

I paid for subscription but cannot download issues.

Follow these steps to restore purchases

Go to Settings section of your device. Tap on iTune and App Store. Tap on the Apple ID and then tap on Sign Out. Then tap on Sign In. User must sign in with the Apple ID used when they originally purchased the subscription. Once done, you should follow these steps inside your app. Tap Subscribe> Restore All Purchases on your device and then enter your password to confirm. Once done, you should be able to access all Subscribers Only issues in your app.

See Troubleshooting

How can I cancel my IOS Mindful Money Mag subscription?


Tap on Settings App on your iPad’s Home Screen (that little square with the cogs in)
Scroll and Tap on Store
Scroll down and Tap on your Apple ID – Then Tap on “View Apple ID”
Enter your Password
Scroll Down and Tap on Manage in the Subscriptions Section
You will see your Magazine subscriptions
Tap on the one you want to cancel
Your Current Subscription details will be shown
Turn auto-renewal to OFF
All magazines are created equal when it comes to Apple’s subscription service – it does take a few steps to un-subscribe. Unfortunately, as developers we have no control over this process and it is the same for all magazine subscriptions on the Newsstand.

How can I cancel my Android Mindful Money Mag subscription:

  • Tap on Settings – Scroll and Tap on Store, Scroll down and Tap on your Apple ID –
  • Then Tap on View App – Scroll Down and Tap on Manage in the Subscriptions Section –
  • You will see your Magazine subscriptions – tap on the one you want to unsubscribe from –
  • Subscription details will be shown –
  • Turn auto-renewal to OFF
  • OR Watch this video –
  • Users can view the status of all of their subscriptions and cancel them if necessary from the My Apps screen in the Play Store app. Currently, the In-app Billing API does not provide support for programmatically canceling subscriptions from inside the purchasing app.When the user cancels a subscription, Google Play does not offer a refund for the current billing cycle. Instead, it allows the user to have access to the cancelled subscription until the end of the current billing cycle, at which time it terminates the subscription. For example, if a user purchases a monthly subscription and cancels it on the 15th day of the cycle, Google Play will consider the subscription valid until the end of the 30th day (or other day, depending on the month).

Experiencing technical difficulties downloading your issues, please send the following information to Support contact page 

1. “Copied and Pasted” Device Token of their iPad (If the subscription was purchased on another device then they need to be logged in with the same Apple ID on the new device.)
2. Screenshot of their transaction details (
3. Screenshot of the home screen of the app
4. Screenshot of their subscription settings on their iPad (Settings app -> iTunes & App Store -> Tap on account -> View Apple ID -> Subscriptions Manage -> tap on Magazine Name subscription -> take a screenshot)

See Troubleshooting

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